The Courage To Go

Pat Brennan, Student Ministries Director – Willow Creek Huntley, Jan 21, 2018

Even though God audibly spoke to Moses, Moses inevitably had to choose the courage to step into the authentic self and story that God was calling him into. In the end, Moses, the boy who was drawn out of the waters of the Nile, became the man who drew God’s people out of slavery. His ultimate purpose was fulfilled when he stepped into the fullness of who God created him to be. Today, as we leave camp, we must have the courage to step into our world completely and authentically, aligned to the who God has called us to be! Are you ready to go?

The Fire In The Dark

Nick Scheske, Associate Director of Student Impact – Willow Creek South Barrington, Jan 20, 2018

Living a life of mediocrity, hundreds of miles from where he was supposed to be, God reaches out in the wilderness through the form of a burning bush and introduces himself to Moses as the God of his fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. God makes a personal step in Moses’ direction in order to not only redeem him, but to call him to be the person that he was created to be. Even though Moses makes a laundry list of excuses, God invites Moses into a story that is far grander, wilder, and more beautiful than he could ever imagine. God is not only inviting you into that story, but longs to have a deep, close, and intimate relationship with you. No excuses, He wants you.

The Flight From Me

Rachel Lang, Student Ministries Pastor – Willow Creek North Shore, Jan 20, 2018

Rachel Lang continues by looking at what it is like to truly be authentic and vulnerable within a community that is longing for us to be who we really are.

The Drawing Out

Nick Scheske, Associate Director of Student Impact – Willow Creek South Barrington, Jan 18, 2018

The name Moses means “To Be Drawn Out”. While this name was given to signify the fact that he was literally drawn out of the water, no one could have predicted that he would be the one to draw millions of God's people out of slavery. God has given every single one of you have a name, a purpose, an authentic self, and an authentic story that is greater than anything we could ever write for ourselves. In this message, Nick talks about who God says you are and what he is calling you to be… Authentic.