One Another

Ryan Guard, Aug 27, 2017

Ryan concludes our In This House series by teaching what it will look like for Impact to fulfill the “one another” verses of Scripture.

Giving and Receiving the Love of God

Ryan Guard, Aug 20, 2017

God said that He loves us with an everlasting and unconditional love. For many of us, that kind of love is hard to receive. It almost seems too good to be true. Ryan walked us through what it will take for us to give and receive that kind of love in this house.

What We MUST About

Nick Scheske, Aug 13, 2017

This week dives into the biggest nonnegotiable of being a Christian.

In this House: Wait… this is the plan?

Ryan Guard, Aug 6, 2017

The very first small group in Europe looked nothing like what anyone expected. The four people who God used to start a global movement truly couldn’t have been any different from one another. It seems like God actually planned it to be that way.