Lessons from Willow

Darren Whitehead, Teaching Pastor, Aug 26, 2012

Teaching Pastor Darren Whitehead takes the stage for the last time as a Willow Creek teaching pastor and shares his top five learnings from his years at Willow.


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Stages of Faith

Henry Cloud, Guest Speaker, Aug 19, 2012

Faith development, like other kinds of human development, follows a pretty well-known developmental path. Everyone’s on a journey of faith somewhere, from non-faith to more seasoned or mature faith. In this message, Dr. Henry Cloud talks about being able to identify where you or people you love are in that journey, so we can understand what the tasks are for each step and so we don’t misunderstand ourselves, others, or God.

Inexpensive Happiness

Henry Cloud, Guest Speaker, Aug 12, 2012

Where does happiness come from? Dr. Henry Cloud’s message “Inexpensive Happiness” explores the differences between happy people and unhappy people and addresses how we steer toward true happiness.


John Ortberg, Guest Speaker, Aug 5, 2012

Best-selling author and former Willow Creek Teaching Pastor John Ortberg speaks about the in-between times in our lives--the periods between trouble and deliverance--in his message, "Saturday."

The Rules of Engagement

Harvey Carey, Guest Speaker, Jul 29, 2012

Harvey Carey is passionate about the engagement of all Christ followers in serving “the least of these.”

Fully Alive

Ken Davis, Guest Speaker, Jul 22, 2012

Christian comedian Ken Davis shares insights from his life and his most recent book, Fully Alive.

Who Me?

Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, Guest Speaker, Jul 15, 2012

"Who Me?" What is God calling you to do with your life? Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, an expert in racial reconciliation, challenges us with a message from Esther 4:12-16.

Yes and No

Shane Farmer, Director of Discipleship, Jul 8, 2012

Director of Discipleship Shane Farmer teaches on the unrecognized power of two simple words from the book of Jonah.

Baptism Weekend

Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor, Jun 24, 2012

Senior Pastor Bill Hybels delivers Fully Alive, a message from the book of Ephesians that examines those who are "dead" to God and those who have been made "alive" through Christ.