There Must Be More

Blaine Hogan, Aug 28, 2013

Creative Director Blaine Hogan teaches on the life of Hagar and creating a brave, new future.


Shane Farmer, Director of Discipleship, Aug 21, 2013

Shane Farmer explores what Revelation really reveals.

What It Means to Change the Story

Shauna Niequist, Aug 14, 2013

What are the stories you've been carrying with you for a long time? What would it look like if you were to let them go? And what stories might God be already trying to tell in your life?

The Reconciling Life

Efrem Smith, Guest Speaker, Jul 31, 2013

Efrem Smith teaches from 2 Corinthians 5:14–21 on what it takes to live a reconciling life.

Acts 19:1–7

Dr. Gary Burge, Guest Speaker, Jul 24, 2013

Do we believe in the Holy Spirit exists? Really? Do we believe that the Holy Spirit can do impossible things in our lives? Dr. Gary Burge explores the New Testament for how the Holy Spirit works—through Scripture, empowerment, and transformation.

Joshua 5

Christine Caine, Guest Speaker, Jul 17, 2013

Christine Caine, co-founder of The A21 Campaign, shares her personal story and teaches on what the Israelites had to go through before being delivered from the wilderness.

Ephesians 2

Louie Giglio, Guest Speaker, Jun 26, 2013

Louie Giglio, director of the Passion Movement and founder of sixstepsrecords, explains why the weight of worship is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Matthew 9

Jon Tyson, Guest Speaker, Jun 19, 2013

Jon Tyson, lead pastor of Trinity Grace Church in New York City, explains why churches need to focus on hospitality.

Genesis 1

Erwin McManus, Guest Speaker, Jun 12, 2013

Erwin McManus, lead pastor at Mosaic in L.A., teaches from Genesis 1 on how creative our God is and what it meant when He found His creation to be "good."

Joshua 1

Erwin McManus, Guest Speaker, Jun 5, 2013

Guest Speaker Erwin McManus teaches on identifying ourselves not by how we see ourselves but by how God sees us.